Touché Web Design Services

Web Technologies

  • XHTMLhtml 5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Web Programming

  • AJAX
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Web Hosting

Web Redesign

  • Site overhaul
  • SEO
  • Re-coding

With many years experience in building and designing web sites, Touché Web Design uses a six step process to design, build, and setup your web site.

  1. Antecedents. Before any code is written or digital scaffolding erected, we determine what your website needs to be, what it needs to do for you, and how you want it to function.
  2. Planning. We determine exactly what all the bits and pieces of the final site will be and when they will be finished. This includes the structure and functionality of the website.
  3. Initial Design. This step is the mock-up of site. We design the look and get your approval on it before any more work is done.
  4. Coding. The heart and soul of web development. Coding all the logic and script to make the site work, look, and behave as expected.
  5. Content. There is nothing more important to a website in terms of Search Engine Optimization, usability, and return visits than content. At Touché Web Design, content is king. This step involves working with you to get the right content in the right place. 
  6. Testing and Review. Finally, the site is tested and reviewed to make sure everything has its place and is in it.